"более чужой,чем чужак" Ф.Кафка
Появилась первая заграничная рецензия на новые песни :)

"Music wise, this is a hybrid of Skinny Puppy, Premature Ejaculation, Throbbing Gristle, Bauhaus, Heltir, just to name a few at THEIR MOST EXPERIMENTAL!! Metallic walls of sound weaved intricately over one another and into more organic sprasely used guitar and jazzy bass...all put together nicely....and hauntingly well....the third track Dogs { Lullaby] makes EXTRAORDINARY use of instrumental tracks played in reverse....and Maksim's Spoken word style is original and charismatic , and spoken in Russian... powerful and passionately and with dark fever....also using creepy despairing whispers...making excellent use of echo and delay effects.
The three songs on this review page I HIGHLY recommend for listening...it has been QUITE some time that i have come across some innovative , fresh, and creative Industrial Dark Wave..." James Riff Wreath (Death&Dreams, INC.) www.facebook.com/DeathDreamsInc

Интересно, что сравнили с Bauhaus, Throbbing Gristle и двумя Роззовскими проектами )

@темы: тетради, Творчество

2013-03-10 в 13:50 

Хорошо написали.))

2013-03-10 в 14:02 

"более чужой,чем чужак" Ф.Кафка
tes3m, да, спасибо ) И такие неожиданные сравнения ) Льстит ведь, но приятно, что из-за границы льстит ))

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